Saturday, July 01, 2006

Some Brain Crunch

...Relax take sometime to... solve the puzzle, easy one you can do it!Good Luck...

Solved the following :

Using only numbers 1 till 9 and fill into the box below, (number cannot repeat), after filled all the numbers, whether count vertically, horizontally or diagonally, it have to be equal to 15.

Try it and times how long it takes for you to solved it, be truth to yourself before peeping the answer.


Note you may find the answer in reverse sequence from below, if you rotate the box, you'll should know what I mean.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Happy Birthday @ 20062006

Is time again, the special personal occasion of each individual, Birthday...Yo Happy Birthday to......ME!

Thank You for all the well wishes that I get today, so happy there still people remember it ;-)

Something I didn't notice until late afternoon, todays date :
20-06-2006 = 20062006, this date only happens once in a lifetime, is touted "Double Match Date", I'm pleased to have this date my at birthday.

May it bring me wonderful day and many beautiful years.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Wedding

Suddenly feel want to talk abit here, theres nothing so exceptional or new about friend or colleague wedding, since working till now seen many friend has married, some still remain single and some preferred single...

The wedding season come again, 2 Weeks ago attended a school friend wedding (18 Years), today attended another one also from school friend (13 Years), many of school friend married, more to come, my ex-boss turn to married, nothing really special can say, just wish all married friend and colleague, and I mean ALL, including those I attended before.

Happy Wedding ! 白头偕老, 子孙满堂.

Monday, June 05, 2006

What Your "Great" name ?

Need to process an account matter, went to a prominent local bank, met my cousin, how nice...normal procedure, click the number button and wait for your turn, our turn came, proceed to counter and process our stuff, just few second after reaching the officer shouted "fuck you" ar "fuck you"... :-O

My eyes naturally peek into the office to "ke po" abit, then another officer shouted to another officer "fuck you ar, the signature is invalid, why always like that eh" :-O

Wah, what on earth happen in this bank ??!! fighting ? Beh Siok ?

That officer don't seems to angry or upset by what his colleague call him, instead he put up a smile and replied : "well, some people try to look smart by changing signature too often" X-O (I'm confuse)

A peek on that officer name tag...Surprise !!, his name is really "Fuck You" (exact spelling), I just pause...pause, pause. After that just can't stop thinking and laughing, just cannot control.

He he oh don't get me wrong, Please please I'm not insulting that officer, but is really funny, why his colleague not even bother to call him by surname or his christian name ? (if he has one).

Well, this scenario remind me of something, which we have learned proud/satisfied of what you has being enrich to or own, be it name or what you are today, life is not miserable even bearing that kind of name, don't let people take advantage on you. Instead I can see that officer is enjoying to own this name. I must admit, I salute him. ;-)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

What the real fact behind ?

Some point here about this banner, if you notice properly, there's a word "CHEATING" at the middle pasted by someone apparently disklike or possible are the one really being "cheat".

I do see quite a number of advertisement by this company but doesn't know much what it does, but I suppose the "pepetrator" should voice concern directly to the company. Somehow some people out there just tend to use "childish" way to tarnish a persons or an organizations name.

What is the real fact behind the story ? who's actually at fault ? God knows.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy 2 Years Old :

All these while, my blog does give me alot learning and also a way to maintain friendship with fellows Blogger,

From pretty alot blog buddies till today, a few is still active in updating, a few just simply stopped, well hope more will back.

A great years and looking foward to even better year for My Blog, it turned 2 today. ;-)

Happy Birthday !! Happy Birthday !!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Backstabbers Scare

Saw an articles on a famous newspaper, talk about politics todays, happen many places, government, office, factory, home school, virtually happened everywhere, especially at places where many people are in one placed.

All those politics create another bad side of human (negative) attitude : betrayal, cheating, selfish, backstabber...etc

Among all, the survey score show the "most scary" seems to be = "backstabbers", why ? some points :

a) Backstabber are often start with a very simple gesture,
Gossipping! when gossip intensified, a sense of betrayal is
created as everyone just say someone bad things BEHIND that
person, and if there are people who are childish, will tend to do
some silly thing on the person that being gossipped.

b) Backstabber wont't necessary come from person you know, it may
come from stranger. (awful isn't it ?)

c) Human morale and abit on Psychology effect involved, if Out Of
Control, you can't imagine the consequence. UGLY...BOO BOO

I remember during school time, even myself sometime tend to talk about someone, but lucky enough I'm not that kind of people easy out of control and do silly thing to person being gossiped, phew...other people ? don't ask me loh...

Previously I have friends who like backstabbed and gossiped about someone but they never said anything in front of the "victim". I, on the other hand, didn't mind saying what I thought about someone, this is what you call courage. Off course I hope that person can matured enough to accept my comment instead getting piss fast...tiu, sometime good person hard to do(好人难做) O:-)

I posted this as I really see it happen in my life and even dissapointed. Frankly I prefer people to come strait to me when or if they has any about me, off course in a professional and peaceful manner. We are dealing with "Siu Yan" (true coward) (Steve, Phek Siu Yan!!! Phek! Phek! Phek!)

The end of the article on the newspaper wrote :

It doesn't matter what people say about you especially if they say it behind your back because these people are nothing but backstabbers and cowards.

They do this to be LIKED by many but instead, at the end they make society turn AGAINST THEM. If you hear that your friends are saying things behind your back, stand up and tell them that you aren't scared of them and they are nothing but big cowards who dare not say anything about you in front of you, and say it with authority.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

This small little plant

Notice a little "grass" at a "cave" beside the signal light, though of removing it but then only to a plant, nicely grow and the color just so perfect, just don't have the tendency to destroy it anymore, pause, pause,pause...for a while, is really feel good and refreshing when first seeing it.

Well just leave it alone, plants do have the right to "live", but I can't guarantee how long it will stay there, hope to dig it out and put it somewhere on the garden.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Cause And Effect Sutra

Wesak Day, went to pay respect to buddha and bodhisattva, very crowded, gasp...

There an area which distribute some book, went there and one little red book which catch my attention for first glimpse, grap it, oh, its titled "The Cause And Effect Sutra". Which talk about KARMA, is this coincident ? or fated ? remember just wrote about karma few posting before this. Another nice thing about this book is it came with picture, so is more attractive to own it.

There alot what we do todays affect after life, I'm not try to be sounds like become a monk or anything and I think people other than buddhist may not really trust it, nevertheless whatever "type" of people you are, should do GOOD CAUSE at all time, that the basic of human interaction, the "Angel" within your heart and mind. I was thinking of re-print the book for charity. ;-)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Brokeback Mountain 断背山

Yesterday, not sure where this VCD come from, happen to watched this, alot curiosity in this Ang Lee directed love epic, though I don't really like love story much, but the hormone of curiosity, make me wonder how the two cowboys eventually fall in love of each other. The only way to find out is to watch the movie, else just get this book at any book store like Popular or MPH.

After watched, does make sense......the power of love does "not care" what biological background you are, and after all, is still human to human right ?

The whole story is really naturally like a love story, the way they develop feeling towards each other is simple......and......make sense. The only special thing is that it involved 2 guys, (batang sama batang), the story stretch both of their love to over 20 year, there is no boundaries, nothing on earth could hide their feeling towards each other, eventhough both guy eventually married to woman and have children, still love is love.

We just have to respect Love, is so powerful, so torturing, so sweet...

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Do some study on Yoga recently due to many recommendation, indeed alot testimonial prove this exercise is far better than the physical work out to build Yoga, in seems to consists both...Physical and Mental.

The Health Benefits of Yoga :

Benefit of yoga is physical and mental therapy. The aging process, which is largely an artificial condition, caused mainly by autointoxication or self-poisoning, can be slowed down by practicing yoga. By keeping the body clean, flexible and well lubricated, we can significantly reduce the catabolic process of cell deterioration.

Em...I got few guest pass ticket (per-entry) absolutely free, valid until this 31st May 2006, anyone interested to try out, can get from me :-)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Effective Time Management

1.Make a plan.
Planning is the key to time management. But don't just make a great-looking plan, implement it and stick to it! Be sure it's a realistic one that provides for the usual interruption, distractions and delays.

2.Know your priorities.
Make a list of your priorities and label them according to importance and urgency. Tackle the most important first, hopefully move on to the medium-priority items when and if you have the time.

3.Believe you're entitled to some personal time.
Incorporate time for family and friends, hobbies, exercises and outings rather than giving them whatever scraps of time are left. Leisure time is never wasted time, but precious personal space that allows you to put your life in perspective and recharge your batteries to perform better at work.

4.Don't be a perfectionist.
Complete projects within the time frame you've set-and deliver. Wanting to do a great job is one thing; being obsessed about it to the point of going over the details again and again and missing your deadline is another.

5.Learn to say NO.
Inability to refuse more projects, invitations and responsibilities is a mojor cause of work pileup and torpedoes your carefully laid-out plans.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Thank You Kevin Lim

He was my L2 boss, though he won't see or realise this Blog, well doesn't matter, just want to say thanks (which I've personally told him before) for what he does, a very understanding leader who not only will judge or pre-judge too much like other, perhaps he has done his best in helping me, not to mentioned alot hoo haa and precious time wasted, yet the trust is still there.

Thank You !

Those under him should appreciate and be glad you know...(Tang ? Kevin Khoo ?)

Is a short period of time I work under your flagship, not in time to really show all I got, nevertheless I hope my next boss will be like you and I'll adapt your leadership way when there a chance. Cheers !!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Ugly Facts

What could I say ?! About what happen, rewind back the memories is just like shooting movie, good guys, bad guys, friends or foes...alot event which most of the time occur at movies becomes reality, just don't believe there are such supreme childish humane live in Dell, and Thanks to the inefficiency and inexperience some parties, more trouble created.

Nevertheless, alot has been seen and most important...Learned,

- Who is Friend Or Foe ?

- Who really care of your well being and remember what you done good
to them.

- There are immatured coward who choosed to be a coward, and hiding
in a bush, which will remain coward for the rest of "its" life,
awaiting KARMA to fall back.

- How the inefficiency of the company and process needs remedy,
and consultation.

- How you should be strong when obstacle come, (is to be strong not
be stubborn.)

Remember at the end of the day not really many people give a damn
what happen to you as long as not happen to them.

Too much to be though, huh ? looks like compaining here, nah, not really, well, sometime is The Ugly Facts many of us did not realise or simply forgotten.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Motorcycle

About 2 weeks ago, make a drastic decision...sold my lovely motorcycle, so reluctant at first, is being with me for 10Years, sad...well, better than let it "vandalise" by people and keep dirt lah, the purchase value about RM4K++ what would be the value now you think ? I though it can sell less than RM500, it still worth RM1K++, average depreciate value of 7.5% yearly, local vehicle are really worth sometime. For me to sell now, at least can save some money.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Congrat to Chua

Received Chua wedding dinner card, finally you getting married ya :-D

Good For you Chua. Congratulation !

SteamBoat Revolution

Went for dinner in a Steamboat shop.

Steamboat today were different from previously where now you can have TeppanYaki with it perhaps this is the "SteamBoat Revolution", from Steamboat > BBQ Steamboat > TeppanYaki Steamboat.

As long as we can "Varietied" the product, it do make sense that it will able to attract people.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Karma, Retribution.

Last week met some ex-school happy :-) , "talking talking" in a coffee house, well one topic that get me into attention...

KARMA, do you believe in Karma ? Talk about one of his uncle who used to like take advantage on people and selfish level is just unacceptable, till today not only he can't excel in his carreer but then his boss is taking advantage on him (fully utilise...or should say over utilise) and being selfish...only to him, coincidence ?

Another old school friend who like bully people during school time, being arrogance with his might and the gut to do alot of..."tua ta" thing, bad mouth and like to "back-stab" people, bad temper, easy get jealous over people who got award/promoted than him. Today working in Electronic company, but then he being bullied dearly by his boss, he don't get the promotion which he suppose to get, and alot people back stab him in any action he try to take...gosh.

A female friend, married to a rich guy, got 2 lovely children, ever since then her personality changed, acting around with her wealth, got rumour saying she was harbour some gangster to "get rid" some people she deemed treatening her position and wealth, or people that she think she don't like...last year her son get into some trouble (due to nature of the story is ugly, I won't elaborate that here), heard that her son looking for trouble thinking that she have her mother support, somehow...he being "get rid" by other gang gangster.

She was so sad telling us she like seing what she does to other happen to her son, but she can't blame anyone other than herself.

Sometime think back, the story above tell us...DON'T DO UNTO OTHER WHAT YOU DON'T WANT OTHER TO DO UNTO YOU. Start believe in KARMA, because all of us inside this cycle. You think you can get away? think again...thing might not happen back to you, but might be your love one.

Start to have a good pesonality and you can acumulate good Karma returned to you. ;-)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Some Place for Leisure.

Anyone often went to comics shop to relax or hangout ? Either you can read on the spot or rent away the books, some even offer play station.

Got an idea before it would be good if the comics , shop offer more facilities rather than just plain comic, Novel or Paper reading.

Recently one of my ol' fren open a comics shop at Plaza Ivory (Ground Floor). I was surprise to see that he somehow "realise" my dream ;-)

It have Comics, Magazine, Novel, Coffee, Fruit Juice, Music and Internet, yup there is Free Hot Spot area in door or outdoor, coffee ayone ?
Some offer that they have is minimum RM30 you will get RM35 of credit to rent their comic, RM50 will get RM63, so far the best in the market, say my name and you might get a little more ;-)

You may visit the shop @ :

MYTX (漫游天下)
2-1-8 Ivory Plaza

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The TEN Commandments of SUCCESS

1) Speak to People = There is nothing as nice as a cheerful greeting
2) SMILE = It takes 72 muscles to frown, only 14
to smile......
3) Call people by name = Everyone is pleased when you remember their name...
4) Be friendly & Helpful = and others will respond in like manner
5) Speak & Act = as if everything you do were a genuine
6) Be genuinely = interested in people
7) Be generous = with praise - cautious with criticism
8) Be considerate = with the feelings of others, it will be appreciated
9) Be thoughtful = of the opinions of others, there are 3
sides to any controversy, yours,
the other persons & the right one ?
10) Be willing = to give service, what counts most in
life is what we do for others.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Multimedia And Communications Tips (Malaysia)

Check Saman via SMS :

Type "saman
Send to : 32232

*Wait a while and you will received the reply, normal SMS rate charge.