Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Motorcycle

About 2 weeks ago, make a drastic decision...sold my lovely motorcycle, so reluctant at first, is being with me for 10Years, sad...well, better than let it "vandalise" by people and keep dirt lah, the purchase value about RM4K++ what would be the value now you think ? I though it can sell less than RM500, it still worth RM1K++, average depreciate value of 7.5% yearly, local vehicle are really worth sometime. For me to sell now, at least can save some money.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Congrat to Chua

Received Chua wedding dinner card, finally you getting married ya :-D

Good For you Chua. Congratulation !

SteamBoat Revolution

Went for dinner in a Steamboat shop.

Steamboat today were different from previously where now you can have TeppanYaki with it perhaps this is the "SteamBoat Revolution", from Steamboat > BBQ Steamboat > TeppanYaki Steamboat.

As long as we can "Varietied" the product, it do make sense that it will able to attract people.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Karma, Retribution.

Last week met some ex-school happy :-) , "talking talking" in a coffee house, well one topic that get me into attention...

KARMA, do you believe in Karma ? Talk about one of his uncle who used to like take advantage on people and selfish level is just unacceptable, till today not only he can't excel in his carreer but then his boss is taking advantage on him (fully utilise...or should say over utilise) and being selfish...only to him, coincidence ?

Another old school friend who like bully people during school time, being arrogance with his might and the gut to do alot of..."tua ta" thing, bad mouth and like to "back-stab" people, bad temper, easy get jealous over people who got award/promoted than him. Today working in Electronic company, but then he being bullied dearly by his boss, he don't get the promotion which he suppose to get, and alot people back stab him in any action he try to take...gosh.

A female friend, married to a rich guy, got 2 lovely children, ever since then her personality changed, acting around with her wealth, got rumour saying she was harbour some gangster to "get rid" some people she deemed treatening her position and wealth, or people that she think she don't like...last year her son get into some trouble (due to nature of the story is ugly, I won't elaborate that here), heard that her son looking for trouble thinking that she have her mother support, somehow...he being "get rid" by other gang gangster.

She was so sad telling us she like seing what she does to other happen to her son, but she can't blame anyone other than herself.

Sometime think back, the story above tell us...DON'T DO UNTO OTHER WHAT YOU DON'T WANT OTHER TO DO UNTO YOU. Start believe in KARMA, because all of us inside this cycle. You think you can get away? think again...thing might not happen back to you, but might be your love one.

Start to have a good pesonality and you can acumulate good Karma returned to you. ;-)