Thursday, March 24, 2005

Blog Patrol not function on your web ?

Recently the Blog Patrol "Counter" has suddenly gone off, well is because Blog Patrol changes their setting, so please logon to
and re "modify" it then will appear again on your screen.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

L2 ?

Somewhere 11AM, L2 Mgr walk over ask me to see him later, (for the "verdict"), getting abit nervous & excited over it, keep on doing work, until Tailou suddenly send MSN told me "good news..." This really abit shocking, is true ? still doubt about it, in a short while Kev came over comment the same thing, then Steve and other. Even it very certain, I only started to confirmed myself when I spoke to L2 Mgr at evening time, (V jnf bssreerq Y2 cbfvgvba, rkpvgrq naq unccl), I know this won't be easy job compare to agent, anytime could be kick out if perform not well, anyway I was pleased with the result.

I do hope this event WON'T hamper any of my relationship with everyone that I know, and also don't hope any people get "red eye" over me, I do aware there "may be" people does not look good in me for the post, be it senior staff or new staff, or......friend.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The "Bang" Courage, Confident, Dare To Fail (Maybe)

Today received an email from L2 Manager there was an opening for L2 position, my first though was, "mmm...interesting, should apply or not apply" both though keep running in my mine, fighting each other, but the "Don't Apply" is winning the game at this moment. So just left it in my mailbox while try to search for opinion, I got many that ask me to go ahead.

Well then I was at a friend house and coincidentally he played a short clip where William Hung first participate in America IDOL, Gosh...he really not doing well,anyone will want to kick him out of the competition. (I believe many seen his clip before right?), the judge ask him, (in a very dismal expression) "you can't sing, you can't dance, why are you here ? William look stunt and dissappointed, he then say "I've done my best, I've no regret", I think that's a very good courage in his. (Nevertheless, he manage to "she bang" himself, and for sure he was an idol)

Well, courage and confident, dare to fail. "Apply" though has win over "Don't Apply" (totally eliminated it), I applied. :)