Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Happy Birthday @ 20062006

Is time again, the special personal occasion of each individual, Birthday...Yo Happy Birthday to......ME!

Thank You for all the well wishes that I get today, so happy there still people remember it ;-)

Something I didn't notice until late afternoon, todays date :
20-06-2006 = 20062006, this date only happens once in a lifetime, is touted "Double Match Date", I'm pleased to have this date my at birthday.

May it bring me wonderful day and many beautiful years.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Wedding

Suddenly feel want to talk abit here, theres nothing so exceptional or new about friend or colleague wedding, since working till now seen many friend has married, some still remain single and some preferred single...

The wedding season come again, 2 Weeks ago attended a school friend wedding (18 Years), today attended another one also from school friend (13 Years), many of school friend married, more to come, my ex-boss turn to married, nothing really special can say, just wish all married friend and colleague, and I mean ALL, including those I attended before.

Happy Wedding ! 白头偕老, 子孙满堂.

Monday, June 05, 2006

What Your "Great" name ?

Need to process an account matter, went to a prominent local bank, met my cousin, how nice...normal procedure, click the number button and wait for your turn, our turn came, proceed to counter and process our stuff, just few second after reaching the counter...an officer shouted "fuck you" ar "fuck you"... :-O

My eyes naturally peek into the office to "ke po" abit, then another officer shouted to another officer "fuck you ar, the signature is invalid, why always like that eh" :-O

Wah, what on earth happen in this bank ??!! fighting ? Beh Siok ?

That officer don't seems to angry or upset by what his colleague call him, instead he put up a smile and replied : "well, some people try to look smart by changing signature too often" X-O (I'm confuse)

A peek on that officer name tag...Surprise !!, his name is really "Fuck You" (exact spelling), I just pause...pause, pause. After that just can't stop thinking and laughing, just cannot control.

He he oh don't get me wrong, Please please I'm not insulting that officer, but is really funny, why his colleague not even bother to call him by surname or his christian name ? (if he has one).

Well, this scenario remind me of something, which we have learned before...be proud/satisfied of what you has being enrich to or own, be it name or what you are today, life is not miserable even bearing that kind of name, don't let people take advantage on you. Instead I can see that officer is enjoying to own this name. I must admit, I salute him. ;-)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

What the real fact behind ?

Some point here about this banner, if you notice properly, there's a word "CHEATING" at the middle pasted by someone apparently disklike or possible are the one really being "cheat".

I do see quite a number of advertisement by this company but doesn't know much what it does, but I suppose the "pepetrator" should voice concern directly to the company. Somehow some people out there just tend to use "childish" way to tarnish a persons or an organizations name.

What is the real fact behind the story ? who's actually at fault ? God knows.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy 2 Years Old : cowl.blogspot.com

All these while, my blog does give me alot learning and also a way to maintain friendship with fellows Blogger,

From pretty alot blog buddies till today, a few is still active in updating, a few just simply stopped, well hope more will back.

A great years and looking foward to even better year for My Blog, it turned 2 today. ;-)

Happy Birthday !! Happy Birthday !!