Sunday, January 30, 2005

New Blog Member

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new comer.

Finally Kek has his own blog now, The "Truman Show" =>

Feel free to visit, you can use the scroll bar at the right side of my page :)

Monday, January 17, 2005


There was long time did not came out at night with friend to hang out, (sort of mamak stall hang out, lepak).

Having supper near BJ area with Kev, Steve, Kek & Ai Nee.
Me & kek reach first where we settle 2 bowl of curry mee, the 2 guy late nearly 1 hour, and the lady late 1 hour+, (hohoho, I'm not complaining here ya). Is a moment where we just say whatever we like, just don't say thing that hurt responsibility, just hang around......

Additional info that Dell won't use the new DSP anymore, wonder what the reason, bad sevice perhaps.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Blatant "Cunning" idiot

Some people just too smart, or perhaps "chicken cunning".

There was a customer called today mentioned, (System out of warranty), he miss one of the program CD which not allow him to burn DVD, I told him that he need to purchase a copy, as expected he was requesting a free one, and can sense that he was trying his luck now......

(Note : AH = Asssss Holeeee) <= any body seen "Meet The Focker" ? :)
Me : (DAMN!!, son of the bitch lai liao)
AH : Is not the question whether the cd is lost or not, the system should come pre-installed the software during the production" ,

Me : Yes off course, but the unit is 1years+......
(anything can be happen in a year time, he actually inherit the unit from one of his colleague, so who the hell know what happen during this 1 yrs)
AH : I'm not wiling to pay anything for the CD, you know people do mistake, your production may miss out the software during the installation.

Me : Well, over Tech Support, we did not keep the second copy as it was licensed.
AH : But you still have to do something for me......
Me :(Cipong, do you think this is charity organization ? is near 6PM, I was just...not so keen to talk much, give me a break, I know he was trying hard for his luck.)

Finally refer the AH to Customer Care Dept, he agreed, want me transfer ? no way, call yourself, Asss Holeeeee.

Gosh, I'm wasting time with AH, should talk to human.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Recently has encounter a call spike in volume, too many call, god damn busy with call, no time to breath (why keep calling you "meat ball" ??!!), if get a "genuine" caller then is ok, the call can be settled within 5Min-10Min, most PEK CHEKKKKKKK is this, "idiot bastard son of the bitch" who think they but a few thousand thing then want to expect to get a sun or a moon from us.

And also particular piss off with the email support here which when they come to a level where they donno what to do then will push the cust to the call centre, that increases the call and job, seems like DELL employ them to foward email instead of support!! C#$% P**$ !!!