Saturday, June 30, 2007

The "Xenon"

There was one articles on by Road Transport Department enforcement director Salim Parlan says on considering banning car with xenon light installed, or more popular as HID.

Personally I do support the banned but perhaps a better way is to do a control like our car tinted, xenon light bulbs also have bright, brighter, brightest...(donno what's the correct terms :-P) so it should be able to control.

There is one reader argued that xenon light give more secured light coverage and better than conventional light bulbs, to me that statement is a BULL SHIT, normal light bulbs has been here many many many years before xenon light comes, but never have an articles on banning them cause these lamp bulbs simply does NOT poses any "irritate state" to any user before.

Well some people don’t even have the brain to soundly think about their car headlamps whether they pose danger to people or not, those especially with high beam should 100% ban, as it poses a great danger to other road users, to them it look glamours on their car (and theirself) If the JPJ ban the xenon light, many car user will opposed not because they cannot drive their car, just because they won't look as glamour and especially causes them a hole in the pocket (for those already installed), so at the end, a proper control instead of banning it, is so far fair to everyone.

By the way, I do not represent any vehicle or lighting manufacturer, and neither are any of my cars fitted with Xenon or HID lights.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another Years "Old"

This year birthday, try out Chili's Restaurant at Gurney, the price is slightly expensive but the dishes is "Big Size", and in fact is nice, try out the "lamp shoulder", you'll like it, damn full but have a enjoyable dinner on the first day.

Alot wishing coming in, thanks everyone !
As getting older, sometime don't have the "form" to do so much things like "younger" time, tend to relax. Begin to be lazzzzzzy......

A surprise comes from fellows colleague, they're celebrating with me, a mini party has been held, no special terms or word can say...except Thank You All, I valued it.

Friday, June 08, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Former US Vice President, Mr. Al Gore organized a great seminar, about Global Warming, whoever attended his seminar or at least aware what he said during the seminar will find that in-deed our earth is in great dire strait. In fact many people does not aware the urgency of global warming, we do our daily routine without giving a damn what happen because many simply does not have much sense for our earth, the effort by many company is not that impressive, well something to note :

He show some nice picture of famous icy mountain now facing "melt-down", the cause...

The climate system varies through natural, internal processes and in response to variations in external forcing factors including solar activity, volcanic emissions, variations in the earth's orbit (orbital forcing) and greenhouse gases......Would this sounds like natural disaster ? well we "HUMAN" are always one of the many contributor for nature change, we can see even on movie, many creatures, mutant, so-called accident, are all started with Human. Example : Godzilla - its existent due to nuclear effect from buclear bomb.

The increased levels of greenhouse gases due to human activity as the main influence. This attribution is clearest for the most recent 50 years,
other hypotheses have been proposed to explain most of the observed increase in global temperatures. Among these hypotheses are that the warming is caused by natural fluctuations in the climate or that warming is mainly a result of variations in solar radiation.

The predicted effects for the environment and for human life are numerous and varied. The main effect is an increasing global average temperature. From this flow a variety of resulting effects, namely, rising sea levels, altered patterns of agriculture, increased extreme weather events, and the expansion of the range of tropical diseases.

What Can We Do To Prevent ? Some Tips :

1) Change a light. Replacing a regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent one saves 150 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

2) Drive less. Walk, bike, carpool, take mass transit, and/or trip chain. All of these things can help reduce gas consumption and one pound of carbon dioxide for each mile you do not drive.

3) Recycle more and buy recycled. Save up to 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide each year just by recycling half of your household waste. By recycling and buying products with recycled content you also save energy, resources and landfill space!

4) Check your tires. Properly inflated tires mean good gas mileage. For each gallon of gas saved, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide are also never produced.

5) Use less hot water. It takes a lot of energy to heat water. Reducing the amount used means big savings in not only your energy bills, but also in carbon dioxide emissions. Using cold water for your wash saves 500 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, and using a low flow showerhead reduces 350 pounds of carbon dioxide. Make the most of your hot water by insulating your tank and keeping the temperature at or below 120.

6) Avoid products with a lot of packaging. Preventing waste from being created in the first place means that there is less energy wasted and fewer resources consumed. When you purchase products with the least amount of packaging, not only do you save money, but you also help the environment! Reducing your garbage by 10% reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 1,200 pounds.

7) Plant a tree. A single tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

8) Turn off electronic devices when not in use. Simply turning off your TV, VCR, computer and other electronic devices can save each household thousand of pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

How much we can do from the tips above ? I believe its depend, well the awareness of global warming still lack among many people, some aware but not much action taken to prevent, a truth is a truth, we cannot pretend nothing happen about the truth, the truth that affect the world, an inconvenient truth.

Friday, June 01, 2007

1 Year (一年)


Enter June 2007, the third years of this Blog, somehow I just notice that, its been a year since this Blog being updated, Gosh, the time is just so fast, I don't feel like I've desert the Blog for 1 year, somehow the last update profile show it is.

Ha, let me think......(pause)

Many time I just don't have the "point of blogging TIME" , everything so busy for me, which not allow me to have the initiative to post, as alot of other interesting technology suface, just don't feel want to post, somehow alot of "Blog Sense" crossed into my mine, so I just have to keep trying trying trying, to Blog. And I made it, at least to this Blog. ;-) It's been at least.....1 Year

Many happening in the past year, just too much bad news, 2005 we see many reputable icon pass away, Hong Kong star, the Australian Croc Hunter : Steve Irwin, accelerate tension and war, Global Warming...etc

Hhhhh...(叹息)I go thru a "Painful" and "Fruitful" time from 2005, a time where my life got a twist to not so good, way into 2006......I strongly believe this is the year that my life really twisted to GOOD (转瑞点) , alot of coincident "message" were passed to me, the most valuable experience I ever get, the pinaccle of awake I am. Is hard to explain here, but everything were happen in sequence, it like God is passing an encouraging message to me. I not sure what is the like but I believe there's plan in our life (冥冥中自有安排). And we can't change this but only to "flow" with it, and we will succeed.

2007, I feel great about this year, probarly I started to know the value within it, and I'm happy to be able to start the blog again, though it may not as creative like previously, anyway Blog does not have fixed format or size. (自由发挥)

Tommorow this Blog turns exactly 3, an early Happy Anniversary.