Sunday, November 25, 2007



Ok Ok, I follow Jay Chou quote as he promoting his latest album (我很忙), no reason, just is same as what I'm going thru right now, being busy lately, very busy, the company is conducting a big migrating of the current software tonew one, hence from arrangement of purchasing hardware, software, vendor arrangement, name a few, but is really take alot of times.

Well this is a great opportunity for me as one organization is setting up a brand new system, from scratch, meaning in term of the infrastructure and installation of hardware and software is covered by me. So 很忙 is well worth it, just not sure where to start the project sometime, somehow any people just have to go down, hand-on, fail fail fail, then eventually success will be coming, and we are far more superior than any other people when the times come...eventually. I'm very grateful and excited with all these changes, (damn even installing a server rack really test your EQ and IQ), looks very easy, but some special skills involved. Not many moment like this in our life that we had an opportunity to learn and see such changes, unless we setup our own company, I hope to see more of such changes at near future.

Eventhoug 很忙, but yet I will try to relax myself, err...not the "蛇 relax" lah, is really give ownself a break. Anyone out there, remember to give yourself a break, "work life balance"...........mah.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fragility Of Friendship

Is friendship fragile ? It’s a really difficult question......think back, you have live for many years, how many friend you know and how many friend is really......a friend.

How much can you expect from a friend? Why does this question arise? Because your answer is a pretty good barometer of how well your friendships will weather relational storms. Let's face it, we don't ask much of casual friendships, the kind in which you invite each other to a party once a year. But we demand more from friendships characterized by strong feelings and a shared history. We expect friendships to be easier, more automatic than they actually are.

Think about your childhood friendships. They often set the tone for all the rest. You never "worked" on the friendships, they just happened. For example, your first best friend lived just two houses down from you and you literally met in the sandbox at school. The bond was almost instant. He/she liked vanilla ice-cream and building sand castles. So did you. What's to discuss? It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship—until your family moved to another town and you found another sandbox.

Just a few short years later, sandbox bliss was replaced by the tormented, possessive feelings of a third-grade relationship where blatant betrayal reared its head. That's when you learned that your new best friend was playing at another classmate's house after school. Sound familiar? It happens to nearly all of us.

There may be worse betrayals in store, but probably none is more influential than the sudden fickleness of an elementary-school friend who has dropped us for someone more popular, or those who easily get jealous (red eye) when your friend get a good life than yours, or better job than you, or get promotion earlier than you, “It shouldn't be that way”, we think to ourselves. But alas it is. It's the lesson our friendships continually teach us, a lesson we don't want to learn: Friendships are FRAGILE.

The seeming ease of friendships—compared to romantic and family relationships (more likely loaded with emotional baggage)—is part of the reason we value friendships so much. Relatively speaking, friendships just much easy it happens as easy it falls through???...

Well...the main point here is FREEDOM...It’s your will, your decision, your action...Attemt to build a reconnect and make things your lost friend...tell him/ her “I don’t know what happened between us...but I want to apologize”...sincerity always caughts off guard...apologize both for past insensitivities and laugh and laugh at how comical it all seems in retrospect...It’ll be have a good chance...TRY IT...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Alien VS Predator...Sequell

When I first saw this trailer, I though it was Alien part 6 or 7, cos the Alien appear for sometime before Predator appear, damn. Anyway part one is not very impressive, somehow still anticipate this movie. ;-)

More info on the following website :