Saturday, November 27, 2004

"You made the right choice"

After work, while having some chat with Kek, a former colleague (err...can consider colleague as well since he also work here now, don't want disclose his name lah, but he is one of the TOP guy sitting upstair previously in former company). He came over and say "you made the right choice"...(pause), 60% retrenchement. First thing that came into our mind, off course is our former company, really, that quite alot, what happen there......Hope those "redundant" person "take away". :D

NB: Oh Ya, and Steve, off course I do hope all my friend get good job, and all my fren "keat" one,(no need to say is understood one lah), prefferable come to be my colleague. :)

Friday, November 19, 2004

Wax Hand Station - Beware of the gimmick

Something to share - Anybody goes to Genting.

New thing in town at Genting Outdoor Theme Park or First World Plaza, there is a Wax Hand Station where you put your hand to a kind of "water" and it actually "duplicate" your hand. BUT beware on their sales tactic.

The price tag on the board say :
One Hand = RM10, Two Hand = RM20
Add Base = RM10
Add Colour = RM10

(what do you think about the price tag above ?), Generally people will think either make 1 hand or 2 hand and that it, the base and colour is just Optional. BUT actually you still need to put in the "Base", without the base it just a "blank hand" you get, nothing to hold the hand. And they will tell you that if not put colour it will spoilt very fast and the hand will become yellowish over time.

So, the conclusion is : The base / Colour is NOT OPTIONAL, The hand have to build TOGETHER WITH base and color, is impossible to only do the hand without the base / colour. When do all that, it cost you additional RM20. (This is cheating & Misleading!!), AND on their box mentioned "Insist for Receipt for 3 month warranty" BUT the personnel told that does not need any receipt!? This is not good !! Not Happy Customer.

So beware if you want to make the wax hand.