Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where are we come from ?

Get a chance to attend a new software deployment lately at KL, there's a chance to meet colleague from other country, while we were there, a few "view" or "people" just make me feel "Familiar", what does that mean ? Well, kind of funny, those people or some of the places I step into, give me a sense of feeling that I've seen them before, and some of the places, I've been here before, but the fact this is the first time I came, the first time I meet these people. Gosh, the more I think back, mmm...really, I can say is false nor true.

Like some believe that our previous life might have met someone like them or came to some places, then why this life we came here again, is this the cycle ? where do we came from ? is it mean some place we have to re-visit ? during my school day, some friend of mine did tell me things like that before where they feel like they came to a place before whereas this is just the first time they came.

Well is just a feeling anyway, is a great trip with a Suite Room to stay :Þ Looking foward for the new software to be implemented.