Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kevin Khoo Blog

We have new comer for 2005, Kevin Khoo Kah Boon finally have his own blog, Thanks to me again, wah hahaha.

But I heard he mostly write poem ? Novel ?


Friday, July 15, 2005

Congrat Tang & Ng, Welcome Agnes

There is drastic changed in DELL organization structure after ANZ came in, there are more opening for L2, Congrat to Tang and Ng, they got the post, so there are four former NEC ppl got the L2 here ;-) , haha, I'm not be proud here, just telling the fact.

Kek were abit unfortunate as the opening is non related to his LOB, well he definitely a qualified person, just haven't got a chance to get the title, but the fact he is doing great in the interview.

Agnes has join DELL finally, she will be under Kek team (Inspiron SA), wow wow we have more friend came here.

Is really a fun when all (mostly) the former colleague join you at the new company.