Thursday, December 30, 2004


Regards to the game, Searching Rom World, Google...etc, %$#* either cannot find the ROM file or cannot download, grrrrr....

In my dismal I see a light in the tunnel, the tunnel, look like leg, LEG??!! YES "keat leg" has found it, not sure where he get from, but definitely from from "different source", I've got the game (eventhough is in Japan version, don't give a damn), I love you Jase !!!

Ops...errr, not gal lah, just feel Happy. Pai Seh Pai Seh. :D

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Groove Adventure RAVE

Who have this game ? PS1 or ROM File. Looking for this game for sometime.
Pleasseeeeee......Send to me.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

To All My Fellow Blog & Friend :


Friday, December 24, 2004

Guvf jbeq vf rapelcgrq

Guvax bs trggvat gb rkcyber gur inevrgl bs VG, gur ornhgl naq gur zvenpyr bs VG, jryy va grez bs uneqjner abe fbsgjner, gurl qrsvavgryl oevat hf znal guvat gb yrnea, gbhgrq "Sberire Yrneavat". Gur jbeqvat nccrne urer whfg yvxr fbzr rapelcgrq pbqr, fbzr sbez sebz CTC pbqr, n fbsgjner qrfvtarq onfrq ba gur choyvp/pyvrag xrl. Jryy rira abg n arj guvat, ohg jura lbh ernyyl jbex jvgu vg, qrsvavgryl fbzrguvat jbegu n FZVYR :)

** Nope, your computer have no problem, don't tune any of the language setting. **
What am I writting, garbage word ? French ? German ? Spanish? Not quite actually.
The above text is kind of encryption code that I've learn from my "keat leg" > Jase

An encypted word, which you can decode it in ROT13

* Just need to copy and paste the word into ROT13 page to see what I written *

What it does is that it will take each of one character and replace them with 13 letters away, Cheers !!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Blog Improvement & Decoration

Was thinking a way to make my blog look nicer, prettier, at the same time familiar myself on some HTML code, (I know this is old stuff, but I never really learn that, OK).

Got some hint to put some "Side Quest" and "Counter" for it.

Eventhough not much chages but I feel.........Not bad, Not bad Quite Nice, :)

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Received a call from our newly sign DSP (Dell Service Provider).

Me : Good afternoon, thank you for calling DELL, bla bla bla.
DSP : Hello this is DSP XXX(Unisys), service order is xxxxxx (service order some sort like TPM)
Me : Chk the case, mmm..fussy customer and DSP now onsite.
(ohh...funny, never think of will dealt with someone familiar again, kind of awkward feel)
DSP : I unable to duplicate the problem, NFF, but customer say is intermittent...insists have problem, what can do ah ?
ME : (Well, DELL always practice "customer experience"), hence, replace loh, at least we do our part, just make sure no other problem before you leave.
DSP : (Sounded relief), ok ok then.
ME : (cheee....what if I insist not to change and have him to answer to customer, give him tough time.....nah, so far he being very kind when I was in M.A.C (steve, borrow ur nick)

Wonder who else will call next time, I still remember some arrogance joker who think they are too good and the company have to listen to what they say, that maybe only happen in M.A.C (borrow again)

Here ?? do you think you can behave that way...heheheheheheheh ngek ngek ngek ngek, wahahahaha hohohohohohoh hahahahahah >:)

Note : anyway, I did not disclosed myself to DSP leh, out of topic also.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Career Revolution ?

During meeting, I've being considered to support ANZ customer somewhere early next year, well, many thing as something "song" but I don't feel "song" at all, first the working hour will be damn early, maybe need to work during dawn time, and I don't feel comfortable talking to "ang mo" leh, never being in this kind of situation before, is this consider a kind of "Career Revolution" ?? *sigh*......

Ha, Congratulation to fellow Steve, one more familiar face will join DELL, like I say, all my friend is "keat" one, sometime give time a bit then, success shall stand at our site.